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To combat the biodiversity crisis and create natural landscapes for health and wellbeing, we must explore all possible options for growing plants in our cities. Dense urban environments often limit our ability to integrate vegetation without the constant need for irrigation or a costly maintenance regime. Climbing plants are often overlooked when it comes to city greening.

These plants developed natural habits that we believe make them ideal for our cities. Climbing species can grow in all possible exposures and locations, and cover surfaces up to 30m in height. They have developed several remarkable ways of attaching themselves to surfaces and structures which makes them versatile and adaptable to different design challenges. 

In our research, we explore and illustrate how these can be successfully adapted to greening our cities, including facades, structures, walls, and interiors. Organised through precedents, diagrams and details, our research demonstrates all the possible ways of using these plants.

In addition to tracking and exhibiting international examples, we document and highlight all local case studies with an up-to-date list of reliable plants that we know perform well in the UK and are widely available.

︎︎︎ studio gb, Hedera helix varieties

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