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London seat

In London, brick is one of the most popular building materials due to the abundance of clay deposits in the Thames estuary area. From a classic London yellow stock to lightweight brick slips seen on the newest building facades today, clay has been a reliable and familiar source for construction material.

Granite is another widely available locally manufactured material. Historically, Cornish granite was favoured as the best material for kerbs and steps in many London streets and buildings. Its consistent tight grain and flexural strength make it last for centuries. 

We wanted to use familiar and durable urban materials and textures for our London-inspired urban furniture series. A range of bricks was collected from local skips and neglected construction sites. Crushed bricks provided the aggregate for our test cast samples, while a reclaimed piece of Cornish granite made a base for the prototype stool.  

︎︎︎studio gb terrazzo sample


The combination of casting surfaces and repurposed materials create a nice contrast of textures and colours. Recycled aggregates liven up the concrete and make each piece of public furniture truly unique.

︎︎︎ A collected selection of bricks and brick terrazzo from the Thames riverbanks.

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