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Medici Courtyard

© Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architects

Location: Mayfair, London
Client: Great Portland Estates
Architect: Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands
Completed: 2021
Size: 5,900 m2
Photography:  © Alister Thorpe

The courtyard sits at the heart of Great Portland Estate’s new development. Built on top of Crossrail’s New Bond Street station, the central public space and its three unique pedestrian passages connect New Bond Street, Oxford Street and Hanover Square. Built above a major piece of transport infrastructure and bounded by central London’s busiest shopping district, the courtyard offers a quiet, contemplative green space to sit and rest, away from the flurry of the city centre.

Developed as part of the Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architects team.

︎︎︎Gleditsia triacanthos Linnaeus,
Herbarium of the University of North Carolina, 1958

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