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Medici Terrace

©Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architects

Location: Mayfair, London
Client: Great Portland Estates
Architect: Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands
Completed: 2021
Size: 130 m2
Photography:  © Alister Thorpe

The Medici Terrace was designed as a green amenity and shared outdoor working space for the Great Portland Estate’s new office building on Hanover Square. The idea was to employ lightweight pots to subdivide a narrow linear space into a series of private zones that could be used by office workers. The southwest-facing orientation and the exposed nature of the space meant that a variety of drought-resistant grasses and perennials with long-lasting flowering periods could be used. Informal and textural layers of green are punctuated with bright flowers throughout the year. Quality hard landscape details and a subtle colour palette complement the architecture to create a vibrant, sheltered terrace with views of Mayfair and beyond.

Developed as part of the Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architects team.

︎︎︎ planting calendar

︎︎︎ Ryan Carl, Semi-random circles in grid silkscreen print

︎︎︎ Damien Hirst, Dotriacontane, 1965


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