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Yorkstone Seat

Yorkstone paving has been traditionally the number one paving material in London. This sedimentary sandstone rock is abundant in central England and is quarried using the open excavation method. The stone is typically extracted in blocks of various sizes using a digger. Rough stone blocks are usually processed and cut in conventional uniformed paving units.

As part of our ongoing research on public benches, we designed a prototype to showcase this natural material's beautiful forms and textures. Inspired by neolithic dolmen structures found all over UK and Europe, the large format slabs of stone are sourced from off-cuts and take advantage of the quarry's cutting process to reveal the contrasting textures and tones of the material.

︎︎︎A Physical and Geological Map of England and Wales By G.B. Greenough Esq. F.R.S., Geological Society, 1865

︎︎︎Postcard, L'Archi-Druide du Ménez-Hom

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